Bispebjerg Hospital

Udsmykning til Akuthuset på Nyt Hospital Bispebjerg

Et omfattende kunstværk skal byde patienter og gæster velkommen til Nyt Hospital Bispebjerg. Kunstneren Camilla Nørgård har  vundet den store opgave med et værk, der både inddrager arkitekturen, historien, naturen og medarbejderne på hospitalet.

Man kan følge dele af processen på Instagram via  #bispeorganisme

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Local periodic system or Bispeorganisme is a sitespecific artwork made for a new hospital to be built at Bispebjerg. Bispebjerg is an old Hospital, build by the Danish architect Martin Nyrop from 1905-13. It is built in a pavillionstyle, with the ideas of fresh air and light, and in close connection to the outdoor garden. All as part of the treatment at that time. The old hospital is protected and will remain together with the new hospital.

The new hospital is not  build yet and it is a unique situation to be part in the process from the start, and follow the demolition,  the renovation and the building process all the way through. I have therefor asked for a studio at the old hospital, to be able to follow the process closely, to talk to the people involved and to collect materials along the way. The studio also functions as a meeting room, showroom and workshop. A big difference between the new and the old building style is the relationship between costs of materials, wages and transportation. It gave way for what the old Bispebjerg is loved for: the details, the variation, signs of time in the making, connected to the site. In the creation of the artwork I try to focus the money and time spent on the details and processing, instead of buying new materials from far away. The trees that had to go have been saved, and are now drying slowly waiting to be used. The stones found in the digging, the drill core made to make  way for new plumming, old tiles not in use ect. The sculptures made will be part of the waiting area, and you will be able to sit and rest or behave differently on them. To focus so much on the site and what is already here – is also to shift focus from the final product and the individual to the surroundings. I hope to give a sense of time, history and peace when being met by time using details, and also a connection to the outside,  where you can still see all the materials used and the direct connection to you, when your test shows you need chalk, iron and water.

The project is to be finished in 2023.
You can follow the project at #bispeorganisme

Her kan du se det oprindelige forslag som pdf:
Bispeorganisme CAMILLA NØRGÅRD – 2016 0629 endelig

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